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Weird Things That Turn Women On ( Big Butt Hip Hop Models ) That’s All Ass! Photos & Dating Tips

Weird Things That Turn Women On

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For many women, turn-ons aren’t just about a man’s looks, independence and sense of humor–there are some unpredictable things that turn women on as well. So what are some of those other qualities that turn women on? Find out here.

1. The color red

Men garbed in red are proven to attract more attention from women because the color is an attention getter. The color red is also viewed as a dominant color that indicates power and masculinity, and prolonged viewing of the color causes the female body to increase adrenaline secretion and raise blood pressure.

2. Sweat and body odor

Contrary to popular belief, not all women like the smell of a guy covered in cologne. Some women like the natural smell of a man, just the way he is. Studies show that Androstadienone, a chemical compound found in male sweat, increases blood pressure, boosts hormone levels and raises the rate of breathing in women (Don’t abandon showers though!)

3.  A deep voice

A deep, manly voice is another turn-on for women. A low voice is perceived as more dominant and strongly tied to success in finding a mate.

4. Your hands

The state of your hands says a lot about your general cleanliness and hygiene. Many women also feel that the way a man’s hands move directly translates to his sexual prowess. You might even consider having a manicure every once in awhile.

5.  Asking a woman for help

Most women like it more when a man knows how to ask for help from a woman and knows when to ask for help instead of trying on his own and failing as a result.

6. Being “uncool”

A good number of women actually take a liking to an awkward male who isn’t afraid to be himself and find a little nerdiness very attractive.

7. Your imperfections

Believe it or not, a great deal of women are actually attracted to scars, blemishes and birthmarks on a guys body, but more so to the stories behind them.

8.  Your handwriting

Women love handwritten notes because they show effort on a man’s part beyond sending a simple text message. Because they are so rare these days, handwritten love notes are literally something they’ll treasure.

9. Your sensitive side

While women are not looking for some needy man who wants to talk about his emotions constantly, one of the biggest female turn ons is having an emotionally well-balanced man who is not afraid to show his emotions from time to time.

10. Being good with kids

A man holding a baby is beautiful and a turn on to most women! Women are not necessarily picturing you as the father of their children, but it is endearing to see a guy’s nurturing side.

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( Maintaining Confidence ) Models With Sexy, Curvy, & Tattos

Maintaining Confidence

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A sexually confident man is one who is confident and secure about his sexuality, has an enhanced self-image and is comfortable being who he is instead of constantly changing his behavior to fit into society’s current format. But you do have to tap into your natural masculinity and let women be able to see it.

Sexually confident men aren’t afraid to be themselves or to exert their natural sexuality, independence and individuality. One of the best traits of sexually confident men is that they enjoy being a challenge to women and and always assume that they’re “the catch.” Sexually confident men are gentleman and are never abusive toward women and love the company of women and treat them very well.

A sexually confident man is also a self-assured man. Being confident is so much more attractive than a wuss of a man who looks nervous and ready to run. Women are naturally drawn to confident men because they make them feel safe. Sexually confident men have great personalities and know when to use subtle humor and when to be serious. Women love humor and will come back for more.

You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder or look like a movie star to be sexually confident and attract women, but keeping yourself up is a must. Sexually confident men aren’t afraid to be themselves or to exert their natural sexuality and don’t really care what society thinks of them. And women can’t keep their hands off them.

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Big Boobs & Bigger Butts ( 4 Excuses Women Use In The Bedroom 0 Dating Tips, Too!



4 Excuses Women Use In The Bedroom




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For guys, one of the benefits of being in a long-term relationship is that you have a woman that you can depend on for regular sex. Some women have sex with a guy in the beginning of the relationship to “land him,” but once they have him where they want him, they don’t feel that they need to have sex with him anymore.

While some manipulative women make a habit of withholding sex from their partners, others avoid sexual contact under very specific circumstances. Here are some of the top excuses women use to get out of sex with their men and see what each one means.

1. “I’m too tired”

Maybe your woman isn’t interested in sex because she is just overwhelmed with obligations lately, i.e. work, workouts, classes, cleaning the apartment and cooking you dinner. It may also be a case of you wanting to do it more often than she does, and she just can’t keep up. Other life demands might be stressing her out and keeping her busy too, making her too worn out to enjoy sex as often as you’d like. Although she may be tired from all these activities, this line could also be translated as “You’re not worth staying awake for”.

2. “I’m not in the mood”

Could be a good reason, especially if she’s sick, irritated or just simply having a bad day. On the other hand could also be translated as “You don’t get me off anymore”. If your girlfriend refuses to have sex with you, it could be that she’s tired of the same routine every time and simply has lost interest in sex with you. So instead of telling you what’s wrong, she might just close up shop.

3. “I’ve got a headache”

Having a headache once in awhile is okay, that means it’s a real reason; however, having that same headache every time you initiate turns in to excuse and translates into her simply withholding sex from you.

4. “I’m mad at you”

The last thing a woman wants to do when she’s mad, sad, frustrated, annoyed is get busy between the sheets. Probably the most common reason that women withhold sex, most women cannot be intimate with a man they’re angry with. When your girlfriend is mad at you, the solution is to find out why she’s upset and try to fix it. Sometimes simply acknowledging that you’ve done something wrong is enough to make her calm down.

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What Does The Perfect Ghetto Booty & ( PAWG ) As Look Like? Pics – Photos That’s All Ass!

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Maliah Michel, Big Butt Hip hop Model






I like professional men with some hood sense.
I love a man who is handling his business and
who will help me keep my shit together. Its hard
to stay focused when your life is a party. But
honestly, I dont date much its hard to find men
who are single and who can get passed what I
do and realize its a job. Its a character.
I have had best luck with older men or street
dudes. I have had a couple of relationships with
Industry men such as Drake and Sean Kingston
but I will really pass. Both were cool guys, dont
get me wrong. My relationship with Drake
started great he made me feel like I was the
only girl in the world, lol. Hes good at that from
what I hear. We dont talk at all anymore neither
one of us has the desire to. I had real love for
him and I am proud of his success. He deserves
it, as he is a very hard worker.
Sean Kingston to be honest I never thought I
would have a relationship with him and although
it never got sexual I still hold him close to my
heart. Sean is a young brilliant man. He is a go
getter and loves nice things I spent Xmas with his
family and man that Momma Kingston is a beast
she can teach u a thing or two about swag she
should do a class in which I would be her best
pupil. I love her to death. Sean had all the right
qualities just the age difference and maturity
was so off with us. But to this day Sean is who he
is. He is honest and real and I appreciate that
so much about him. To this day all I hear is that
Sean speaks highly of me, which is so important
to me, being a dancer and being in this industry.
Your reputation is everything and he has kept it
real �unlike others�.

A lot of people have had inquiries about �The
Game� since his last song �stripper� I cant lie
hes sexy. And seems to be a great dad. Which
adds extra sexy. You never know, lol. I choose
at this point to stick to older men who are ready
for what I want. Im transitioning from being an
exotic dancer to a businesswoman and its not
easy being taken seriously in the business world.
In the urban world Im the shit and am always
taken seriously, never being disrespected. I
am very proud of that. I feel it says a lot about
who I really am and it takes a real man to sit
back and contemplate that. A boy will listen
to other people and become insecure. A man
appreciates honesty and one thing about me is
its my job to tease so in my relationships I tend
to be very blunt and honest for the sake of not
bringing just pure fantasy into the mix. Although
there are plenty of fantasies fulfilled. But loyalty
is very important to me. Unfortunately it comes

What can we expect from all brand new
A lot of tips about weight loss and nutrition.
Natural beauty tips and I will have a section that
teaches dance moves and stretches a clothing
line. How to be sexy and confident in your own
skin and flexible ;o) women ask me to give them
pointers all the time about dancing but what
they dont know is the moves they will learn they
can also take with them to the bedroom. It will
be very sexual.

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Big Butts, 5 Ways To Win Her Back ( Tips ) Big Butt Bikini & Lingerie Models

5 Ways To Win Her Back

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