” Cuban Luxury ” Big Butt/Big Boobs/Hott/Bikini/Lingerie Model Photos & Bio






Cuban Luxury is a rising Latina sensation not afraid of the eye candy world’s edge. Always landing some of the most revealing yet classy pics, she’s a stunning catch for magazines and photographers. Very flexible on top of her aesthetic qualities, Cubana Luxury has poses that would excite any guy looking for sexy girls.

A mix of Cuban and Belizean heritage, Cuban Luxury is one of the things not to miss in life. Curvaciously splendid, her figure is that of a coke bottle and she flaunts it in every pose. Quite the confident latina Hip hop model, she’s built to win in the eye candy world.

Also accomplished away from modeling, Cuban Luxury is a radio personality with experience in media journalism. Looking to build herself as a brand independently, she even has “Luxury” tattooed on her hip to let a guy know what he is getting into. The finer things in life come with Cuban Luxury.

Go to www.bbhhm01.wordpress.com for past and future post.

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