Tiara Harris aka Tiara 4Ever Big Butt Bikini/Lingerie Model Bio & Photos






Tiara Harris aka Tiara 4Ever was born on July 6, 1976 in Richmond, California as Tiara Kristen Harris. Tiara’s parents were never married but she was never deprived of a Mother or Father; love and support from them was always expressed to her. With a step father as an Military Sargent; Tiara spent most of her childhood traveling. As an Military Brat she was fortunate enough to have two fathers in her life. Along her travels as a child she spent seven years in Germany, Atlanta and Washington. Her years in Europe were spent traveling to play basketball which she became fond of.

Tiara lived with her mother, father and two brothers until she was sixteen. She then moved in with her father who taught and encouraged her many ways in life in which she is grateful for.

Tiara got into modeling by being tricked into coming to a fashion show practice by a friend of her’s, Tiara ended up doing a fashion show. Overall the response to her participation in the fashion show was positive. Later on Tiara decided to give to put herself out there while being a major in marketing. As Tiara’s career began to progress she has been featured in many music videos and magazines.

Go to www.bbhhm01.wordpress.com for past and future post.

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