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Maliah Michel, Big Butt Hip hop Model








I like professional men with some hood sense.
I love a man who is handling his business and
who will help me keep my shit together. Its hard
to stay focused when your life is a party. But
honestly, I dont date much its hard to find men
who are single and who can get passed what I
do and realize its a job. Its a character.
I have had best luck with older men or street
dudes. I have had a couple of relationships with
Industry men such as Drake and Sean Kingston
but I will really pass. Both were cool guys, dont
get me wrong. My relationship with Drake
started great he made me feel like I was the
only girl in the world, lol. Hes good at that from
what I hear. We dont talk at all anymore neither
one of us has the desire to. I had real love for
him and I am proud of his success. He deserves
it, as he is a very hard worker.
Sean Kingston to be honest I never thought I
would have a relationship with him and although
it never got sexual I still hold him close to my
heart. Sean is a young brilliant man. He is a go
getter and loves nice things I spent Xmas with his
family and man that Momma Kingston is a beast
she can teach u a thing or two about swag she
should do a class in which I would be her best
pupil. I love her to death. Sean had all the right
qualities just the age difference and maturity
was so off with us. But to this day Sean is who he
is. He is honest and real and I appreciate that
so much about him. To this day all I hear is that
Sean speaks highly of me, which is so important
to me, being a dancer and being in this industry.
Your reputation is everything and he has kept it
real �unlike others�.

A lot of people have had inquiries about �The
Game� since his last song �stripper� I cant lie
hes sexy. And seems to be a great dad. Which
adds extra sexy. You never know, lol. I choose
at this point to stick to older men who are ready
for what I want. Im transitioning from being an
exotic dancer to a businesswoman and its not
easy being taken seriously in the business world.
In the urban world Im the shit and am always
taken seriously, never being disrespected. I
am very proud of that. I feel it says a lot about
who I really am and it takes a real man to sit
back and contemplate that. A boy will listen
to other people and become insecure. A man
appreciates honesty and one thing about me is
its my job to tease so in my relationships I tend
to be very blunt and honest for the sake of not
bringing just pure fantasy into the mix. Although
there are plenty of fantasies fulfilled. But loyalty
is very important to me. Unfortunately it comes

What can we expect from all brand new
A lot of tips about weight loss and nutrition.
Natural beauty tips and I will have a section that
teaches dance moves and stretches a clothing
line. How to be sexy and confident in your own
skin and flexible ;o) women ask me to give them
pointers all the time about dancing but what
they dont know is the moves they will learn they
can also take with them to the bedroom. It will
be very sexual.

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Big Butts, 5 Ways To Win Her Back ( Tips ) Big Butt Bikini & Lingerie Models

5 Ways To Win Her Back

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Sexy Bikini & Lingerie Models, How To Make Her Feel Special On Valentine’s Day ( Tips ) Big Butt Hip Hop Models

How To Make Her Feel Special On Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s Day is a once a year reminder that it is extremely important to show your partner a little bit of romance. For most women, Valentine’s Day isa very big deal, so whatever you have planned for February 14th this year, be sure to make it memorable and remember that making her feel special is essential. Make the lady in your life feel special with these 5 Valentine’s Day ideas.

1. Give her flowers and candy (with a little extra)

Let’s say you decide to give something traditional like flowers and chocolates. Put a bit of extra thought into how you deliver them. Have the lady in your life wake up to a trail of rose petals from her pillow to a breakfast prepared by you. Follow that up by presenting her with a heart felt letter that lists all the things you love and appreciate about her.

2. Give her your undivided attention

All your woman really wants on Valentine’s Day is for your world to revolve around her, so giving her your time and your undivided attention is the ultimate romantic gesture. It will mean a great deal to her if you choose to give up the whole day to spend with her, doing things together that have nothing to do with work, paying bills, etc.. Banish the mundane and just allow the day to be about the two of you together. Be thoroughly attentive, listen, and take minute to talk about the future and her role in your life.

3. Arrange the perfect candlelight dinner

If you think candlelight dinners are outdated, you’re wrong. It’s still an experience that can be the perfect ending to a memorable Valentine’s Day–if done properly. Order food-to-go and arrange candles around your table with rose aroma filling the air or take her out to a romantic restaurant for a perfect candlelight dinner with all the works. Let her know that you still love her just as much as you did when both of you first started dating. And more than anything else, let her know that you have never taken her for granted and never will. Then provide her with a special gift that will make her eyes light up in an unmistakable way.

4. Give her a sensual massage and a warm bath

A sensual massage and bath are must-do activities for Valentine’s Day. Treat her to a full-body, sensual massage with scented (and even edible) oils or lotions. You can also mix some of her favorite songs to help set the mood. When the bath is ready, cover her eyes, bring her to the bathroom and open the door to present the scene. Get her naked, put her in the tub and take the water in your hands. Have her lean against you and give her a few sips of champagne. Then, hand-feed her a few bites of the fruits and chocolates you brought for her. Squeeze the bath gel onto the sponge and lather each part of  her body.

Continue massaging her skin as you pour the water all over her, rinsing her off while enjoying the feel of her skin, engaging all of her senses during the bath until she can no longer take it. When she is ready to come out, use one large towel to cover her body and the other to cover her hair. Gently towel dry her off, lay her on the bed and apply her favorite lotion to her body. Although a love-making session will likely follow, the goal is to take the time to spoil your woman silly by making her feel special and giving her a Valentine’s Day she will tell all her girlfriends about.

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( 5 Rules For Texting Women ) PAWG, Pics, Big Butts, Bikini & Lingerie Models


5 Rules For Texting Women






Let’s face it–the way to a woman’s heart these days is through her cellphone. Texting is important because you want to be the man a woman talks to on a regular basis to ensure that you are always staying on her radar. Women love to text; therefore, knowing how to effectively communicate with them through text messaging is paramount. Here are 5 simple points to remember when texting a girl you’re interested in.

1. Make sure your texts have a purpose

The purpose of your texts to a woman is to keep moving the interaction forward and put a smile on her face. Therefore, your texts to women should be about building attraction and planning to dates. If your texts to a woman don’t have purpose and direction, it’s likely she’ll get bored and her attraction may begin to fade. Write something that will make her feel good, special and sexy when she reads it. Women also love to hear their phones buzz and read texts from guys that are personal, intriguing, and funny. So, using her name (or your nicknames for her) whenever you can along with an inside joke the two of you have will help her recall your connection, making her feel warm and positive toward you.

2. Keep your texts short and concise

Avoid the temptation to tell her about the three days since you last saw her in detail, and instead keep your texts short and straight to the point. Long texts tell her you’re putting a lot of work in–and they also ask her to put a lot of work in reading your text. So, keep things concise and you’ll be more likely to keep her interest.

3. Tease Her 

Teasing  in your text communication with a woman is an amazing way to keep attraction on fire and will keep her on her toes. It could be making her a compliment and then taking it away, like “You’re a very smart girl…Sometimes!”, or it could be something like “Stop thinking about me, my ears are burning!” She will appreciate your creativity.

4. Use emoticons wisely

Using emoticons while text messaging women is effective because it enables flirting more easily. Emoticons are also efficient at expressing emotions a man wants to convey, and most women find them cute, which works to your benefit. However, using them in every other sentence can be overkill and distracting from what you’re trying to say. So, stick to no more than one emoticon per message.

5. Don’t respond instantly to her texts

Replying with four texts for every one she sends shows you’re too eager and signs of neediness. You shouldn’t over-think it, but go easy and feel out the pace of the conversation. If she takes thirty minutes to respond, just give it a few minutes before messaging her back.

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PAWG, Big Boobs, Dating – Sex Tips, Top 10: Ways To Make A Woman Smile

Top 10: Ways To Make A Woman Smile






One of the easiest ways to win a woman over is by making her smile through thoughtfully spoken words and doing something intentional to show her a little bit of appreciation and love. So, if your relationship is slipping into a funk, or you just want to make it more fun, here are 10 of the best ways to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face.

1. Being chivalrous

Be a gentleman; hold doors open for her, be polite and be helpful. Ask her if she’s cold when it’s cold out and have a jacket or a sweater handy so you can give it to her.

2. Remembering important dates

Remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones is a big deal with women. These important dates are also opportunities to show her how special she is to you.

3. Leave her romantic notes

Slip some romantic notes into your girlfriend’s handbag. She is sure to smile at the words when she reads it later.

4. Tell her how beautiful she looks

Don’t wait for a special occasion to say the words and it will make her day.

5. Introduce her to people that matter to you

Show her that you’re proud to be with her by introducing her to people that are important to you when you’re out.

6. Appreciate her attempts to look good for you

Make sure you pay attention to details such as hair, nails and new looks that she might try out. If your girlfriend has taken pains to dress up for an evening out, be sure to notice it and tell her she looks amazing. The compliment will surely bring a smile on her lips.

7. Send her flirtatious text messages

Being playful, sexual, and engaging her imagination with text messages will bring a few light moments on a busy working day and surely make her smile.

8. Send her flowers at work

Women LOVE getting flowers, especially at work, and receiving a lovely bouquet from you for no reason at all is certain to bring a smile on your girlfriend’s lips. Having flowers delivered to your wife’s workplace will make the women around her jealous, and what’s more she will be secretly thrilled to get their envious glances.

9. Encourage her ideas and aspirations

What is important to her should be important to you as well. If you show an interest in what’s important to her, you’ll keep her smiling and feeling good about her dreams.

10. Make her laugh

A sense of humor usually tops a woman’s attraction wish list and is one of the best ways to turn her on. A woman who finds herself laughing along with your great sense of humor is a girl who is more likely to fall for your charms.

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I Just Want To Jerk Off To New 2014 Porn, 5 Signs She Has Daddy Issues ( Big Butt Hip Hop Models ) www.bbhhm01.wordpress.com







A girls first love is her father. Daddy teaches her how to love, how to be loved, how to respect herself,  how to spot the players and jerks from afar and recognize what a real man is. In certain cases, where a woman’s father was absent from her life or was not emotionally available, there are chances of her seeking attention from random men in order to compensate for the attention she may not have received from her father. In other words, she has “daddy issues.”

Whether her daddy issues are actually the result of her relationship with her father or whether “daddy issues” is just the label society has chosen to attach to this kind of behavior, these issues can plague a young girl into adulthood and negatively impact her romantic relationships. While a woman may seem to have it all together at first glance, here are 5 characteristics women with daddy issues display.

1. She’s promiscuous and sexually aggressive

Most fathers teach their daughters to respect themselves and their bodies, so if he was never around to give this advice, she may not value sex and use it simply  as a process to gain the attention she lacked as a young girl. No decent girl is used to putting out to guys she doesn’t have a connection with, so if her sexy signals and flirting are overly aggressive, she’s grinding and groping up against you in public, attempts to drag you into her bedroom on the first date, and uses the phrase “It’s just sex,”  she may have daddy issues.

2. She’s a serial dater

A woman with daddy issues can’t remain single very long because she’s constantly looking for the attention of a man to fill her father’s shoes. She moves from boyfriend to boyfriend because being alone is her greatest fear. Unfortunately, a woman like this will only attract the type of men that are only interested in sex and will disappoint her, leaving her in a constant cycle of emptiness.

3. She exclusively dates older men

Since she has yearned for a father-figure as a child, a woman with daddy issues may grow up into a woman who is solely attracted to older men. She looks to these men to care for and provide for her in order to feel a sense of security, just as a father would.

4. She’s extremely clingy

Every woman wants care and assurance from her partner. But a girl with daddy issues wants those things in excess. Thinking every man is capable of leaving like her father did, she may be a bit jealous, clingy will try to hold on to a man that much harder. She’ll need to know where you’re going at all times and will begin to feel restless and angry if you are late contacting her. This type of woman feels like she deserves your attention at all times and may throw a fit whenever you make plans without her.

5. She constantly questions your feelings for her

Due to previous disappointments and painful experiences with men and/or her father, a woman with daddy issues is a psychologically unstable individual who’s grown up expecting the worst from men. This type of woman needs constant reassurance that you are still there and haven’t dumped her. She has low self-esteem, has great difficulty trusting men and seeks frequent reassurance of love or affection. She gets emotionally attached very early on, demands to analyze everything about your relationship and if she doesn’t see you wearing the shirt she bought you two weeks ago, she’ll think that you don’t care about her anymore.

If you’re interested in a serious relationship with a girl like this, your strategy should be to to confront her about her issues and take things slow. Tell her you want to slow down and get to know her before heading straight to the bedroom. Make plans for a future dates and show her you’re interested in more than just sex and she won’t feel quite as desperate to put out as fast. Show her the reliable, attentive and caring guy you are, and the positive attention from you will likely offset the negative attention she’s been seeking from jerks.


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Big Butt, Nude PAWG, Poll: Would You Date A Woman With 3 Children By 3 Different Men?

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Fellas, could a situation like this be something that you pursue? Would you date a woman who has three children by three different men? Join in on the discussion and let us know your thoughts.

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