Why Is ” Alexia Lim ” One of The Hottest Bikini Models? See For Yourself





Alexia Lim is clearly amazing!!! Her busty body is a show stopper. Originally from Orlando and now residing in South Beach, she is just another great asset to the super hot and sexy seen on South Beach, Florida. When Alexia goes out on the town she looks like a goddess with her incredible style and extremely form-fitting dresses. She leaves guys and girls speechless. Alexia is rather new to the modeling world because she spent the past 4 years focusing on her bachelors degree but is already taking it by storm. Her personality is witty and fun. This new model is definitely in control of her surroundings and will be blowing up the scene so make sure you keep an eye out for Alexia Lim!

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Big Butt Hip Hop Models Plus Bikini & Lingerie Models



I added a new link to this blog site. If you would like to view past or future post. You may click the home page. If you’re wondering what’s the new link that I’ve added to this blog site.  I’ll tell you. It’s no different from than the site that your on now, just more established. At this point and time, I started this blog site this month. Now you’ll get a chance to see what I’ve e been doing for the past year.

You’ll be able to view hundreds of models, photos, bios, and more. I’ll aways keep the content fresh and new. Just in case you decide to jump back and forth.

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She’s Stacked ” LaeAnn Amos ” A Brick House Bikini Lingerie & Big Butt Hip Hop Video Model





Laeann Amos is one of the most promising and prolific talents in broadcasting, radio, entertainment media, and modeling today.

While marking her territory in the industry, Laeann is pursuing a degree in communications/ broadcasting at The Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Laeanns bright and compelling personality is as evident on camera as it is in person- enhancing her already formidable ability to communicate and relate to an audience. Laeann was born in Jacksonville, Florida but now resides in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. Laeann is confident in her role as a Television Host/Reporter, Actress, Model, and Student always open to learn new techniques to boost her craft. Besides the obvious.

Laeann is on a mission to teach young women that though beauty is appealing, brains are important. Woman are capable of being more than just another mute beauty. Laeann contributes to charities such as Breast Cancer Awareness and We Want You To Help Our Troops, which is an organization that focus on helping injured troops. (WeWantYouToHelp.com)

�I emphasize to young women that not only am I an on-camera personality/ model I was also a full-time student with a 3.57 GPA, Education is key to fulfill all of your dreams.


ACCESS VIBE Access Vibe is a entertainment show providing viewers exclusive access to entertainment news, red carpet events, behind the scenes footage, original features, and live event coverage. Access Vibe was created around the ideas of entertainment to give each viewer up close and personal access to hottest names in Hollywood, but also opens your eyes to their fabulous fashion trends, fine dinning, art exhibits and more.

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Introducing The New Tattoo & Sexy ” Sheneka Adams ” Big Butt Hip Hop Model



Sheneka Adams is the definition of your fantasy girl. With hypnotizing brown eyes, the face of a porcelain doll and the curves of a Nubian goddess, its hard to believe the authentic Georgia peach is as sweet inside as she is outside.

As a teen Shenekas role model was her father. The successful businessman was the first to play baseball in the county and later transitioned that success into a million dollar business. While Shenekas father doted on her and cultivated his daughter as a social southern belle, he also taught her the value and rewards of hard work. Working for her father enabled her to help her mother and her siblings, but most importantly it showed her that she could accomplish anything if she put her mind to it.

It wasnt long before she became aware of another avenue to claim the spotlight. A huge Beyoncé fan, Sheneka was intrigued with magazines, music videos and movies featuring her favorite heroine. �I thought her attitude was so fly,� she says. Her penchant for entertainment became an obsession. Sheneka immediately knew shed found her niche. She wanted to
be a star. She wanted all eyes on her, and she wanted them to stay there.

Not long after relocating to Atlanta, Sheneka did a photo shoot with a photographer she met on online. The camera loved her and film lens adored her; soon Sheneka found herself starring in a video with Soulja Boy and Bow Wow for their hit single �Marco Polo.� Almost overnight, Sheneka was one of the most in demand models in the south. Casting directors were vying to cast her, promoters began booking her to host their parties, and she was a hot ticket for publicists at social events.

Little things may make her happy, but Shenekas goals were never simple. Today she is focused on growing her brand and heading a million dollar empire.

A beauty correspondent, she currently has a deal with a cosmetics company and several others on the table. �I want to get into so many things and Im grateful Ive been given the opportunity to have a voice,� Sheneka says. In addition to being a spokesperson, Sheneka authors a popular urban blog and is currently working on a book.

What began with a pretty little girl watching her father’s example, has blossomed into a business-savvy young woman who plans to utilize her voice to lead an empire. In addition to entertainment, Sheneka enjoys doing non-profit work and making a difference in the lives of young women. She enjoys interacting with her females on twitter and Facebook and giving advice to young girls who have stars in their eyes like she did years ago in Athens. �You have to know what path you want to take in life and then you need a strong team, she advises. Years ago Sheneka Adams visualized where she is today, and today she sees her future is even brighter.

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Kimmi Kennedy, Sexy Black Women Bikini Lingerie & Hip Hop Model Plus Bio


Hey SHOW! It’s the one & only IHB (International Hustle Bunny)… Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 6 years you know of me but if not let me introduce myself, I’m Kimmi Kennedy the original Kim K before the Kardashians blew up.Standing only 52 but with curves to die for on my 34DD-24-37 frame of French Creole, Indian, Irish & African-American decent which attribute to my exotic looks which I’m not shy about though the image says sex, the mind says business. I know I’m like a life-sized little doll so I play to that & despite my petite stature…. I’ve graced the pages of urban magazines such as Smooth, King, Straight Stuntin, and now SHOW magazine, music videos, done countless mainstream & commercial work and more.

From Hurricane Katrina, I’m a New Orleans native. I’ve fought tooth & nail to stay at the top of my game when the odds were stacked against me but I refused to take NO for answer or let anyone determine what I can & can’t do. At almost a 1 million followers on twitter, my fan base has grown. Known for my imagery & using controversy to my advantage like a savvy politician I’ve remained relevant over time when others fell by the wayside. Now I’ve embarked on a journey to re-invent myself again via my music but never leaving modeling.
I am launching 2 brand new sites one for my modeling, another for music. Stay tuned for my next single �Designer Girl� dropping on ITunes in June 2012. Ive dropped my debut single & video �Beautiful� with great acceptance from my fans & the industry. You can expect more hot music & videos, oh and hot pics as always from me on both my sites. http://www.KimmiKennedy.com

I’m approaching the music game with the same tenacity that I applied to the model game and I’m not waiting to be signed by any labels or for people to rally behind me, I’m just putting myself out there and have faith that God will take care of the rest.

I stepped into the hip hop arena in the summer of 2012 with a full assault on the music game. And when those twitter followers become consumers of my new music, K. Cera (my rapper persona meaning my destiny is ordained) will be the new force to be reckoned with.

With hot singles, mix-tapes & video virals accruing in my ammunition vaults, Ive put together a team to help make my debut a heartfelt one and taken seriously, from the start. So you think you know Kimmi Kennedy? NO… You know about me!!! STAY TUNED!

2012 and beyond will witness a new Kimmi Kennedy because this one has something to say and I will make it funky enough for you to want to listen!! I’m just getting started & my star is shining brighter than ever… the sky is the limit. I’m living proof of that! Who knows what I’ll do next but there is so much more to come!

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Elke ” The Stallion ” Bikini, Linkerie, & Big butt Hip Hop Model Photos Plus Bio





Elke the Stallion is a model of German background. Elke has studied in Germany as a bilingual Secretary with majors in English, French, bussiness and economy. But before that, when she first started modeling at the age of 14, she could not deny what was meant for her. She has her share of experience within the field, starting in Germany, Italy, France and ended up moving to Costa Rica for a job on a tv show there. Later on she moved to Los Angeles, CA.

LA is where she started appearing in many of the music videos, where she also landed the first ever Dulce Mami in a brand new magazine Dulce Magazine.

Elke’s career in the modeling biz took off from there.

Outcast “I like the way you move” (Sexy Mechanic) Dir. Brian Barber
D-12 “My Band” (D-12 Girl)
Usher “Rhythm City” (Various Roles)
50 Cent “Disco Inferno” (Girl laying on the bar) Dir. Jessie Terrero
Eminem “Ass like that” (Bartender) Dir. Philip Atwell
Diamonique (Dancer)
Mob Deep feat. G-Unit (Dancer)
Dro “Spit on me” (Lead) Director Vondie Curtis & Hakim Khalfani (Sound Track for Waist Deep

Wheels Magazine (Cover) March Issue
Mercedez Benz
Sony, Total House (CD Cover)
Dulce Magazine
Pipes Magazine
SMOOTH Girl July Issue
1Down magazine Cover girl April
MoBounce Cover girl April
UrbanCurves Cover girl April
F.E.D.S. Magazine July/August
Digital Dolls
THICK magazine (Cover)
SWEETS magazine
Straight Stuntin’ magazine
TRUE magazine “FLY GIRL” (upcoming April issue)

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Re-writen When A Models Career Is Over? It’s A Big Butt Collision Jenna Shea & Big Butt Hip Hop Video Model Elke ” The Stallion “




From left to right, You see Jenna Shea and Elke ” The Stallion.” This is a new collaboration for the two models. I’m not going to run down their personal bios because you can scroll down to either model and view bios plus photos. I did want to talk about when a hip hop model should start thinking about retiring. We’ve all heard. A super models career begins to fade at the age of 28.

 A super model is known to be the highest platform of modeling. For which some inspire to be. At the same time these models are known to be flawless. I’m not going to dispute that. It is what it is. Here on Big Butt Hip Hop Models, all models are sexy and beautiful in their own way. Where does that put hip hop models and their imperfections? Does that mean they have a longer career?

 The reason why I brought this up. Is because I noticed Elke gaining more weight. Here on this blog entry. You’ll notice here. Standing side by side with Jenna Shea. Either Jenna Shea has lost some ass or Elke has gained a little. There’s nothing wrong with that either but does that help or hurt her from getting more work. When given a name of a model. We remember them from their previous work and that’s what is capitalised on as far as advertisement.

 I’ll ask the question again an add a little to it. When does a hip hop model think about retiring? Do we look at hip hop and full figured models a little different. They already are seen as not being flawless. At the same time, these models are put on a pedestal in the hip hop culture for their imperfections. As of right now, who do we know of that’s retired from the hip hop modeling scene?  What do you think?

 As for me, I believe. that’s what separates the hip hop culture and hip hop lifestyle from others. Taking trendy fads and turning them into lifestyles. There might be a time line on beauty but there’s no time line on a big booty.

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” Alesis Lugo ” Sexy Puerto Rican Bikini & Lingerie Model In Full Body Paint Photos


My name Is Alexis Lugo. I am 24yrs old,I am a mix of ,Greek and Hawaiian.Currently I work as a promotional model, from this site I hope to further my modeling career!I would love to do print work actually I would just love a great oppurtunity!My look allows me to pull of many different looks from glam to urban,I am open minded to all styles as long as they are tasteful!




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Nicole ” CoCo Austin ” VS. Big Butt Model. In A ( No Look Back Via Cellphone photo )





I tried to a photos that resembled one another. Then I looked for a no-name model. Now I’m asking who has the better, ” No looking back via cellphone photo?”

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The Sexy Brittany BB Bikini Lingerie & Hip Hop Model



Ever since I was a little girl Ive had a passion for fashion and being in the spotlight.

As a child I used to participate in beauty pagents, loved altering my clothes/ designing my own outfits and was a cheerleader in junior highschool and highschool. I was also voted best dressed my junior and senior year of high school. Ever since I was 16 Ive loved mens magazines and the models featured in them. I felt that I could probably do that but was too shy to at first. It wasnt until my friends, boyfriend and co-workers at M.A.C gave me that little nudge of motivation and encouragement that I finally started shooting with up and coming photographers that really got the ball rolling for me. Next thing I knew I was being contacted by Show and different publications for features as well as local rap artists to be in their videos.

Ive been a fan of SHOW for sooo long and now Im a Show girl its unbelievable. The whole experience from the audition to the shoot to the makeup the and the professionalism of the studio was amazing, Im so greatful. Its going to be a trip seeing myself in a magazine I grew up reading.

My measurements are 32D 22 waist 44 hips. Im from what used to be a small suburb south of Sacramento called Laguna Creek. I grew up in what was a small development in the late 80s and early 90s. It was very leave-it-to- beaverish when I was kid. I still think its a great place to raise kids and buy a home but not ideal for people in their party years.

Most guys I think would say my ass is my sexiest feature, while I do kinda agree with them Id have to disagree with them and go with my waist. As long as I can remember my waist has always been tiny and flat. I think my coke bottle shape stands apart from my big butt alone.