Must see,” Beautiful April ” Big Boob & Sexy Bikini & Lingerie Model






Hello everyone, my name is April better known as beautiful April representing Los Angeles, California. I’m an exotic mix of Puertorican and Black with an eye-popping figure of 34E- 27- 41, standing at 54. I’ve been modeling a little over 2 years now and I can say its a very exciting job! I travel a lot, I love to see the world and experience different lifestyles & other cultures. Life is beautiful but you have to be spontaneous and open to experience it.

Other then modeling there is a lot to me then looks *winks* I’m a very domestic, and a hopeless romantic. I believe that being a woman your suppose to have certain qualities. For example, when I’m in a relationship with a man I like to cook, clean, and cater to him. Dont get me wrong, not everyone gets this opportunity, you have to bring something to the table other the SEX. I love smart men with class! 

People that know me would say I’m “The jack of all trades” because I’m super talented at everything I do. I’m a creator, an artist, I enjoy designing/making clothes, editing videos, photocopying pictures, writing, and I also have my licence in cosmetology.

I’ve been published in other magazines and have done plenty of music videos by some of your favorite hip hop artist such as 2 Chainz, Big sean, Busta Rhymes, Frank Ocean, YG, Wiz Khalifa, & Currency to name a few. This is a very competetive industry, but I love it bcuz I feel that my beautiful collegues keep me on my toes. Only the strong can survive, and this is only the begining…

Special thanks to SHOW and Sean Cummings for having the patience with me and extending this opportunity to grace their pages xoxo.

Twitter @BeautifullApril

Instagram @BeautifullApril

Tumblr: MsBeautifullApril

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( Yvette ” Sweet ” Martinez )Just Could Not Get An More Sweeter. Sexy Bikini & Lingerie Model With Big Boobs





My name is Yvette Martinez and I was born and raised in Los Angeles with a Mexican background. I’ve been modeling for a year now and enjoying every moment. I’m a down to earth gal that enjoys watching football and bike riding down in Venice Beach. I can sometimes be a little bit of a tomboy but I can turn into a girly girl for the camera. Just give me a pair of high heel stilettos and some lip-gloss and lets create sexiest.

Shooting with Show magazine was an amazing experience from the hair and makeup to the photo shoot itself. Everyone was professional. My all time goal is acting and eventually starting my own swimsuit line.

No longer ignoring my possible star quality drive and strive to succeed, I have worked hard and in less one year I have been on various magazines and music videos. This is just the beginning and there is no stopping me. Action is the foundation key to all success.

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The Curvy Cuban, ” J. Diaz ” Sexy Bikini & Lingerie Model


Since I’ve developed into this beautiful, curvaceous Cuban woman, I gave up break dancing, wearing baggy clothes, and cutting my hair short. My family and friends convinced me to learn the piano, continue dance, and to pursue modeling and acting. Now I know where I belong in life.

I have been modeling for almost 2 years and have been featured in music videos, fashion shows, pageants, spokes modeling, promotions, interviews, commercials, and car shows. Recently, one of my dreams to be in a sexy spread in a hot magazine, has come to reality! My first magazine shoot was a memorable experience. SHOW Magazine shoots the HOTTEST VIXENS in the industry! Smart, hard-working, exotic, independent, and creative models.

I’m blessed to be apart of SHOW, and representing for my Latinos! Special thanks to my agent Arthur for helping me with everything and a very, very special shout out to Publisher, Sean Cummings for giving me an opportunity to shoot my first editorial. Look forward to seeing your girl J. Diaz in sizzling projects to come. Launching Soon.

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The Black & Beautiful ” Brooke ” Bikini/Lingerie Model



Hello everyone let me start by saying my name is Brooke. I was born in Atlanta Georgia but left when I was five and moved to, and grew up in NY! I’m a bartender/entertainer. I love looking good feeling good staying fit and healthy, on and off camera.

Surprisingly a friend told Sean about me and he hit me up to come shoot for the SHOW! So of course my response was…YAAAY!!! It’s always been a dream for me to grace the pages of SHOW. So it is an honor.

Some of my goals are to become an actor, a computer engineering and to open up a hot restaurant. I’m taking acting classes now in NYC. I’m a total geek who loves everything about computers from putting them together taking them apart and programming.

I enjoy cooking anything from soul food, Italian, Latin, seafood to drizzling hot chocolate on a few ripe fresh strawberries. Cant forget about the sexy apron or in the nude either, ha-ha The things

I like to do the most are spending time with family and close friends! I also like laying on the beach, swimming, jet skiing, shopping, traveling, playing soccer, volleyball, laughing and having meaningful conversations.

Some qualities I look for in a man is he has to be grounded, knows how to give unconditional love as well as receive it, honest, loyal, sincere, genuine, non-judge mental, witty, powerful, have a good sense of humor, ambitious a little cockiness is cool too, lol. My dreams are to live a life to my highest potential! (twitter)

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Better Than ( P.A.W.G ) Real Ghetto Booty Bikini, Lingerie, & Hip Hop Video Models





Rikki Renee recently started her modeling career after promoting many parties in her hometown of Baltimore, MD. After landing her first flyer for a local promotional company, Rikki Renee began to take a more serious look into the modeling industry. After a test shoot with local photographer Jeff Martin, Rikki decided to pursue modeling full-time. She then joined a modeling network site and within two weeks of joining she landed her first magazine spread. From that point forward, she hasn’t looked back. Rikki Renee has since shot with several published photographers and is looking forward to her next appearance in a national publication. Rikki Renee is a motivated business woman, that is soon to be a household name!

Willing to travel: New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, D.C. All other states if expenses are paid Type of Work: Videos, Glamour, Print, Promotional, Fashion, Movies, T.V., Event Hosting Will not do: Full frontal nudity, pornographic photos or anything pertaining to or in the nature of porn.

Name: Rikki Renee
Location: Baltimore, MD
Measurements: 36-28-43
Hair: Black
Eye color: Light Brown
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 145
Shoe: 8.5

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Sexy Black Bikini/Lingerie Hip Hop Video Model ( Mesha Seville ) Hott Big Butt Model






Mesha Seville is a Jersey girl. A Black and Puerto Rican mix. You have seen Mesha is magazines and sites like Smooth, Source, Straight Stutin cover, Asset’s cover, Urban Ink,Hip Hop Weekly, Don Diva, Hidden Treasures, Diva Dymes,Dynasty Series,Show Magazine Black Lingerie 13, Black men 40/40, Gorgeous Magazine, 50/50 Magazine and Short Dawg “Let’s talk money” Mesha has been features in numerous sites like,, etc. Mesha’s ultimate goal is to become a house hold name. She is very determined to take it to the next level. Mesha is a very down to earth genuine person, who loves the people who support her and the people who don’t. Mesha isn’t just a pretty face, she is currently going to school for her bachelors in Human Resource Management.

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Big Butt Bad Girl Photos Plus Q&A


Is there a difference between a bad boy and or bad girl? Speaking from a mans point of view. I don’t believe there’s any difference. As far as the two maintaining that image and really being heart breakers. It’s been said that some women can see the good in a man. Knowing his reputation, she still believe she can change him. I believe this is the difference between men and woman. If a man see a beautiful woman. Plus sees some good inside of her. His last thoughts. Is changing the perfect woman. Is that in all cases, no. Is every relationship the same, no.

It takes a special someone to handle a bad girl. They walk and talk different. At times it may seem as if all eyes are on the and everyone wants to talk to that bad girl of yours. It’s not in your head. It’s true. You can see it with your own eyes.

Here’s how you that someone special deals with a bad boy or bad girl. It’s not them, it’s you. That’s just ones swagger. Meaning that’s the way they carry themself. Your with that person and that’s what has attracted you to that person. You need to pick your head up and realize they know they are with you. Believe it or not. You may be that mirror image of them.  You just happen to carry yourself a little different. Some people need more attension than others. That should be your cofidence booster. You don’t need the light on you all of the time. So let them be your light and play the shaddow of it all.

That’s just for whaen your out an about with your bad boy or bad girl. They can switch gears on you at any given time. Starting with coming home late. Then put that good lovin on you and make you for get all about it. That’s a whole nother topic.




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