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Big Boobs & Bigger Butts ( 4 Excuses Women Use In The Bedroom 0 Dating Tips, Too!



4 Excuses Women Use In The Bedroom




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For guys, one of the benefits of being in a long-term relationship is that you have a woman that you can depend on for regular sex. Some women have sex with a guy in the beginning of the relationship to “land him,” but once they have him where they want him, they don’t feel that they need to have sex with him anymore.

While some manipulative women make a habit of withholding sex from their partners, others avoid sexual contact under very specific circumstances. Here are some of the top excuses women use to get out of sex with their men and see what each one means.

1. “I’m too tired”

Maybe your woman isn’t interested in sex because she is just overwhelmed with obligations lately, i.e. work, workouts, classes, cleaning the apartment and cooking you dinner. It may also be a case of you wanting to do it more often than she does, and she just can’t keep up. Other life demands might be stressing her out and keeping her busy too, making her too worn out to enjoy sex as often as you’d like. Although she may be tired from all these activities, this line could also be translated as “You’re not worth staying awake for”.

2. “I’m not in the mood”

Could be a good reason, especially if she’s sick, irritated or just simply having a bad day. On the other hand could also be translated as “You don’t get me off anymore”. If your girlfriend refuses to have sex with you, it could be that she’s tired of the same routine every time and simply has lost interest in sex with you. So instead of telling you what’s wrong, she might just close up shop.

3. “I’ve got a headache”

Having a headache once in awhile is okay, that means it’s a real reason; however, having that same headache every time you initiate turns in to excuse and translates into her simply withholding sex from you.

4. “I’m mad at you”

The last thing a woman wants to do when she’s mad, sad, frustrated, annoyed is get busy between the sheets. Probably the most common reason that women withhold sex, most women cannot be intimate with a man they’re angry with. When your girlfriend is mad at you, the solution is to find out why she’s upset and try to fix it. Sometimes simply acknowledging that you’ve done something wrong is enough to make her calm down.

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What Does The Perfect Ghetto Booty & ( PAWG ) As Look Like? Pics – Photos That’s All Ass!

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Maliah Michel, Big Butt Hip hop Model






I like professional men with some hood sense.
I love a man who is handling his business and
who will help me keep my shit together. Its hard
to stay focused when your life is a party. But
honestly, I dont date much its hard to find men
who are single and who can get passed what I
do and realize its a job. Its a character.
I have had best luck with older men or street
dudes. I have had a couple of relationships with
Industry men such as Drake and Sean Kingston
but I will really pass. Both were cool guys, dont
get me wrong. My relationship with Drake
started great he made me feel like I was the
only girl in the world, lol. Hes good at that from
what I hear. We dont talk at all anymore neither
one of us has the desire to. I had real love for
him and I am proud of his success. He deserves
it, as he is a very hard worker.
Sean Kingston to be honest I never thought I
would have a relationship with him and although
it never got sexual I still hold him close to my
heart. Sean is a young brilliant man. He is a go
getter and loves nice things I spent Xmas with his
family and man that Momma Kingston is a beast
she can teach u a thing or two about swag she
should do a class in which I would be her best
pupil. I love her to death. Sean had all the right
qualities just the age difference and maturity
was so off with us. But to this day Sean is who he
is. He is honest and real and I appreciate that
so much about him. To this day all I hear is that
Sean speaks highly of me, which is so important
to me, being a dancer and being in this industry.
Your reputation is everything and he has kept it
real �unlike others�.

A lot of people have had inquiries about �The
Game� since his last song �stripper� I cant lie
hes sexy. And seems to be a great dad. Which
adds extra sexy. You never know, lol. I choose
at this point to stick to older men who are ready
for what I want. Im transitioning from being an
exotic dancer to a businesswoman and its not
easy being taken seriously in the business world.
In the urban world Im the shit and am always
taken seriously, never being disrespected. I
am very proud of that. I feel it says a lot about
who I really am and it takes a real man to sit
back and contemplate that. A boy will listen
to other people and become insecure. A man
appreciates honesty and one thing about me is
its my job to tease so in my relationships I tend
to be very blunt and honest for the sake of not
bringing just pure fantasy into the mix. Although
there are plenty of fantasies fulfilled. But loyalty
is very important to me. Unfortunately it comes

What can we expect from all brand new
A lot of tips about weight loss and nutrition.
Natural beauty tips and I will have a section that
teaches dance moves and stretches a clothing
line. How to be sexy and confident in your own
skin and flexible ;o) women ask me to give them
pointers all the time about dancing but what
they dont know is the moves they will learn they
can also take with them to the bedroom. It will
be very sexual.

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Big Butt Hip Hop Models, 8 Relationship Deal Breakers For Women ( Tips )

8 Relationship Deal Breakers For Women

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2013 - 1 (1)

Most relationships can tolerate a reasonable amount of stress, but sometimes our emotional issues get in the way of us doing the right thing. Nobody is perfect when it comes to relationships, but sometimes your less-than-pleasant traits can mean the difference between a woman hanging onto you and cutting you loose. Here are 8 specific behaviors which are highly likely to ruin your relationship.

1. Cheating

The number one deal breaker of all: This is such a slap in the face to a woman, her trust in you, whatever you built in your relationship, and your integrity. If she gave you a second chance, she’d be cultivating bad behavior and inviting round after round of your infidelity.

2.  Lying

You consistently lie to your partner and hide things from her. In her mind, if you’re willing to lie on matters of minor importance, you’re probably going to lie to save face on more important questions. Lying, no matter the reason or the outcome, always has the potential to be a deal breaker for a relationship.

3. Comparing her to your ex

Your partner wants to believe that you’re with her because you see her as a unique individual with wonderful qualities. But when you compare her to your ex on a regular basis, she’ll become demoralized and it’s unlikely she’ll want to stick around with someone who makes her feel this way.

4. Being unaware of her needs

You don’t know what her needs are, because you haven’t asked, didn’t listen when she told you what they were, or you simply aren’t willing to evolve as her needs do.

5. Constantly criticizing her

Women need their integrity and their self-esteem intact. Making your woman feel stupid, failing to respect her opinions, publicly humiliate her, and criticizing her in such a way that it degrades her self-esteem are all definite deal breakers.

6.  Not having a job

Good jobs can be scarce in this economy, but if you’re consistently out of work and won’t look for a job, it could be a sign of a less-than-stellar work ethic. And real women don’t put up with slackers.

7.  Lack of commitment

A major reason for being in a relationship is to feel loved and secure. If you won’t say “I love you,” show your partner how you feel, or put a ring on her finger after years and years of being together, you’ll cause her to feel unsure of your true feelings and consider you just another commitment-phobe.

8. Holding her past against her

Continually shaming your partner about her past or the person she was before you met her is a good reason for a woman to leave you alone altogether.

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” Elisha Jade ” Sexy Black Big Butt Bikini/Lingerie Model




I’m Elisha Jade. I started my career age 18 doing commercial modeling over the years. I have done more and more styles and I started wearing less and less clothes! So I now have a very versatile portfolio. I am open minded and creative and I want my website to cater for everyone all over the world! I really hope all you guys and girls enjoy the time you spend at, talking to me on my hosted web chats, downloading my image sets and clips. My content will be a mix and blend of urban eye candy glamour (USA market) UK glamour (topless) and any other styles that come into my head! You will be able to see from my images and clips that I am a bit of a character. I love to shock people, no one ever knows what I am thinking or what my next move will be. I’ve always got another trick up my sleeve.

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Poll: What Are The Top 3 Urban Model Magazines Of 2010? Big Butt Hip hop Models

Poll: What Are The Top 3 Urban Model Magazines Of 2010?




We decided to conduct a poll to see which magazines are the most popular by consumers. Since it’s so hard to choose just one favorite, take your pick on the top 3 urban model magazines on the market! Join in on the discussion and let us know your picks.

Choose 3 answers from the poll below.

What Are The Top 3 Urban Model Magazines Of 2010?
Dimepiece Magazine AsIs Magazine Stunnaz Magazine Sweets Magazine SHOW Magazine Smooth Magazine Black Men Magazine Gorgeous Magazine Straight Stuntin Magazine KING Magazine
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Big Butts, Big Boobs, PAWG, Bikini Models, Lingerie Models, Nude Models, & Big butt Hip Hop Models

5 Sex Mishaps To Avoid For Men






We all remember that guy back in school who stepped up to the plate, with a full count and the game on the line, and hit one out of the park. Heck, maybe you were that guy. As you rounded the bases and gave a wink to that girl of your dreams (or at least the girl you wanted to make out with on your parent’s couch) you stumbled. It wasn’t so much a trip and you didn’t crash and burn on your face, but you unquestionably slipped up.

Instead of stopping, doing a little handclap for the crowd and regaining your composure, you pretended like it was part of your jog around the bases. As if your stride all of the sudden included a little hop and a skip every 50 feet. You even considered doing it again just so nobody would think you really tripped over your own two over-sized and uncoordinated feet in your shinning moment.

Psst, slugger — everybody knew you tripped, including that cute little girl in the front row who went on to rethink dry humping you that night and made you wait it out till prom.

Mishaps happen; but when they are sexual mishaps, it can feel like a giant spotlight is shinning on you with the whole world watching. The key is to figure out how to recover from them. Knowing which mishaps to cover up, smooth over and make light of is essential to the game.

1- Farting in bed

Description: You’re lying in bed with you girl, her head is on your chest and the covers are tightly wrapped around the two of you… and you blow wind.

How to recover: If this is the first time it’s happened, and the two of you are pretty new together, put it all on her. Go so over the top with it by saying things like, “Allison! What is going on with you down there?” Allison won’t be able to stop herself from laughing with you.

If you’re a more established couple, passing gas has most likely happened before and the “putting it all on her” trick won’t work again. So have some fun with it and pull the covers up over her head so she can breathe in some of that bad boy. Sure it’s mean, but it’s fun for you and she’ll come up swinging. Hopefully you can use some of that angry passion to your advantage later (don’t count on it though).

2- Crossing one of her boundaries

Description: Maybe it’s suggesting anal to early or asking her to role play something she is uncomfortable with. Whatever the case — you’ve crossed the imaginary line in her mind of what is cool and what is not cool.

How to recover: The first thing you should do is apologize, but realize this is a great time to play the ”I’m just so comfortable with you” card. Let her know that you respect her feelings and never want to put her in a situation that makes her uncomfortable; it’s the right thing to do. It will also put you back in the same good light that you were in 30 seconds before you opened your mouth.

3- Your dirty talk is more weird than dirty

Description: You break out the baby voice or some twisted fantasy that you’ve had since you saw that Star Trek episode back in the late ‘90s, but, to your surprise, you’re greeted by a curious and disgusted look on her face.

How to recover: Quickly turn the situation into a game and let her know it’s her turn to think of the weirdest, most unsexy thing you can say during foreplay. Whatever she says, she wins. You just want to get out of this as quickly as possible and let her know she is one sick puppy for thinking of whatever it is she thought of on the spot.

4- It hurts, it hurts… and not the good way!

Description: Believe it or not, you can recover from painful and embarrassing situations, such as: falling off the bed together, getting a cramp at the most inopportune time, crushing her with your enormous ass or butting heads in the dark so hard that one of you comes up with a bloody lip.

How to recover: The best thing to do is take a break and laugh it off. Letting her see that you’re not Mr. Macho all the time is a great thing to do, especially if you can get her laughing about the situation. If she’s laughing with you, she’ll be more willing to give it another shot when the bleeding stops.

5- Calling her the wrong name

Description: If you called her by the wrong name during sex and the two of you weren’t role-playing you’re a jackass — nothing I can say is ever going to help you get laid by that woman again. Ever. If you did it accidentally in passing, you still have a shot, but timing is everything if you’re going to diffuse her anger.

How to recover: In a situation like this, your face can give you away, so stay cool. It’s just like poker: You don’t want to give your hand away, because trust me, that man-eating woman will be looking directly into your eyes trying to drain every last droplet of your soul. Respond to her by giving her a slightly cocky smile and calling her another girl’s name again (“What’s wrong, Sally?”).  Follow up with another name as needed until she buys the story and then go buy a lottery ticket because you are one lucky man.

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Big Butt Hip Hop Model Updade 2013 Pics Bikini, Lingerie, Nude, & Big butt Hip hop Models





It’s been some time since I’ve made a blog entry. I haven’t seen or found any bikini, lingerie, or hip hop models. That has capture my intrest. So, Ive been gathering sex and dating tips. A long with some of sexiest models in bikinis and lingerie. You’ll enjoy the nude models as well. Go to for past and future post.

Guidelines Of Having A Threesome, Big Boobs & Big Butts I’d Like To Jam My Face Into

Guidelines Of Having A Threesome





For many men, fantasizing about threesomes may just be a daily occurrence. From thinking about their wives or girlfriends with their best friends to daydreaming about celebs, they’ve considered it all. They never actually thought that these illusions could come true. But what if they did?

What if your girl suddenly wants a threesome? Before you jump up for joy, think about this for a second. Threesomes can be emotionally detrimental to a relationship and can often cause more trouble than they’re worth in pleasure and there are specific threesome rules that must be followed. So, we want to know: Are threesomes worth it?

There’s a whole lot of information on how to arrange a threesome, but there’s very little about what you should do once you’re in one.

Threesomes are not like regular sex they require both imagination and sensitivity. If you plan on having a threesome, you need to go into the situation with some idea of what you’re going to be doing, you need some threesome rules.

Understanding these basic threesome rules will help you avoid some common mistakes that typically prevent you from getting the most out of your ménage à trios. There are various types of threesomes that you can enjoy, but we’re betting that you’re hoping for the type with two women, one of whom is likely your bisexual or bi-curious girlfriend or wife. What follows are the basic threesome rules on how to handle such a delectable, and potentially sticky, sexual situation.

Establish the rules

You’re going to have sex with two women and all three of you have your own rules and limits, so understanding and respecting one another’s comfort levels should be a top priority when you’re establishing your threesome rules.

Because your relationship with your woman will likely be affected by this new experience, you need to be absolutely clear on which acts she’s comfortable with and what to avoid doing in advance. She may tell you that she’s uncomfortable with the idea of you penetrating another woman or even pleasing another woman orally.

You must respect her limits. Remember that each woman may suddenly feel jealous, so try your best not to shut either woman out and always give more attention to the woman with whom you have a relationship this is an extremely important threesome rule.

As well, you may end up feeling jealous if you’re not the center of attention. Just keep in mind that the object of the game is to share sex between three people.

Also, remember that although some people try to drink their way to bravery for a threesome, drunken sex usually ends up being bad sex. If you want to have a drink or two to loosen up, that’s fine, but no more. You want to be at peak performance.

Be as giving as you can Although you may be hoping that the two women will give you 100% of their attention, the truth is that they’re there to please each other just as much as they’re there to please you. You may end up feeling ignored and should do your best to get over it.

The best way to approach this situation, and an important threesome rule to follow, is to forget your feelings for a moment and try to be as generous with your hands and mouth as you can.

Pleasure in one-on-one sex goes back and forth, but in a threesome it’s more of a cycle that moves from person to person. So be patient and focus on turning both women on and the attention will come back to you. Whatever pleasure you get in a threesome is a treat, so instead of expecting anything in particular (like getting oral sex from both women at once), enjoy everything that comes your way.

Keeping your hands moving and knowing when to penetrate are important

Keep yourself busy When you find that both women are busy pleasuring each other and you have nothing to do, keep yourself busy. Take matters into your own hands and find something to do.

Caress the breasts, thighs or vagina(s) of one or both women, kiss their backs or necks, or give oral sex to one if she’s in a position that allows you to (believe me, this will redirect attention toward you in a hurry).

If you decide instead just to please yourself for a little while, don’t feel bad the action will come back to you soon enough

Be careful with penetration Penetration automatically forms a serious bond between you and one woman, leaving the other out. For this reason, penetrate only when you’re sure both women are comfortable with it.

Your natural inclination will be to pay close attention to the woman you’re having sex with, but you mustn’t focus on her entirely. This is about the three of you, so keep that ideal close at hand. Kiss and touch the other woman, look her in the eye, and talk to her if the mood is appropriate.

Be aware that you may feel overwhelmed with pleasure if you’re thrusting into one woman and kissing and caressing another, meaning that you might climax more quickly than expected. Take it slowly and pace yourself.

And don’t get so excited that you lose track of the women: All three of you should be sexually satisfied and, even if you achieve climax first, you must do everything you can to bring your two partners to orgasm.

Be safe Condoms are a necessity, obviously. Semen, vaginal fluid and menstrual blood transmit STDs, so use one specific hand to pleasure one specific woman and use the other hand on the other woman and keep it that way. You must never alternate.

Likewise, if you’re having intercourse with both women, you must also use a separate condom with each partner. As well, dental dams are a good precaution for oral sex. Lubricate the side that you place against a woman’s skin for better sensation

It’s not a relationship

Afterward, lie around with both women in post-coital bliss. However, remember it’s not a relationship. This means that the third person likely shouldn’t sleep over. It may seem like a great idea in the moment, but prolonging a threesome is a recipe for total disaster.

Be reassuring to your girlfriend or wife. You’ve had fun, but it’s only pleasure and experimentation. Tell her that she turns you on, that seeing her being pleasured by another woman aroused you and that while you enjoyed yourself, there’s no one for you but her. She’s your primary concern, so if you let her know it, you may well have more threesome adventures in the future.

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